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We want to thank all of our group members for all of their hard work.  We're currently working on a project that will help our group grow exponentially.  We have scowered the internet looking for software that allows us to "go live" in multiple FaceBook groups.  The software isn't cheap and costs $300.00.  We have already had one very special group memember donate $100.00 going toward this software.  We are seeking donations, if the group agrees with us, that this will help us spread our messages across the internet and is definitely worth the investment.

For those of you who don't know, FaceBook tries everything they can to limit a post's reach and audience.  I, Todd Doyle, have been an internet marketer for many years as well as an ex-newspaper publisher.  I've paid attention to what FaceBook has been doing for a long time.

Right now, Donald and I, and a few dedicated other group members are spending a lot of time getting ready for each live show, and then after that the real work begins with posting into several Donald J. Trump groups to share our video (and message) with the nation.

As Donald has already said in several videos, our hard work is paying off and our message and videos are being seen around the world.  But, it takes several hours to get to all of our individual groups.  And now, with FaceBook limiting our ability to do this quickly, it is now taking about 5 hours after each show (going into midnight) and a couple more hours the next day just to post into the groups we want to see our videos.

This new software will allow Donald to "go live" into multiple groups at one time.  This will not only allow us to save a TREMENDOUS amount of time after each show (almost eliminating the mass sharing).  It will free us up a lot more to find new topics and make each show better (eliminating the hardest and most time-consuming part of sharing our shows as we're battling FaceBook's built in censorship techniques).

So, now you can see the problem for us.  FaceBook's censorship, limiting the speed we post our videos at, being in "FaceBook jail" where you can't post for 24 hours and up to 3 days, etc.  This software we found works within FaceBook's own programming to ALLOW the multiple "go live" feature.   So we will be "going live" in several groups at one time and it's all perfectly fine as far as FaceBook is concerned.

Our live viewers could potentially go from 10-20 live viewers up to 10,000 or more live viewers at one time.  We are storming the internet to deliver our messages that we know many of you enjoy - and so do a lot of people in other groups who are not currently a memeber of our group.  They will all be able to see us, in the groups we select, all at the same time as a live viewer.

This software is critical to growing our broadcast.  As many of you know, I, Todd Doyle, have been working hard uploading our videos to YouTube as well.  Since many of our shows are over an hour long, that too is very time consuming.  I plan on continuing to spread our videos and messages both on YouTube and on Twitter and several other social media platforms.

If we can raise $200 dollars right now, we can purchase this software and start simulataneously broadcasting to MULTIPLE groups at one time.  It's really amazing stuff, but it also costs a nice chunk of change.

We urge you to support what we are doing and chip in and donate below if you can.  If you can't afford to help right now that's ok too.  Donald and I believe that we should be able to raise this money fairly quickly.  We hope you can help and we hope you can see the benefit of our messages getting out to as many people as possible.

 *Note:  We are not a 501(c)3 nonprofit and any donation is considered just that a donation.  It would not be tax deductible.

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