How Randy Quaid Was Vindicated By Harvey Weinstein’s Star Whackers

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A long time ago you may have caught the following clip from Randy Quaid, a once highly esteemed Hollywood actor who went public claiming that Hollywood had people trying to kill him.  He referred to these people as “star whackers”.  Take a look at his original video below.

Randy Quaid’s speech was given way back in 2010 following his Oct. 28 appearance before the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada in Vancouver BC.  When this story first broke, Hollywood was silent and not one person came forward to verify Randy’s claims.  Here is part two of his speech.

Now… remember, this was almost eight full years ago.  Since then, many different Hollywood actors and actresses have come forward with a tremendous onslaught of sexual allegation claims against some high level power-players both in Hollywood and in the media.

And…, Donald Trump got elected to serve as President, who Randy Quaid openly supports on his Twitter feed.

I had almost forgotten about this story until yesterday when I remembered that Randy Quaid was one of the first major actors to talk about “star whackers”.  So, I began researching what was going on currently in his life and his situation.

I remembered Harvey Weinstein, a mega mogul in Hollywood has now been completely exposed as a serial sexual predator.  I wanted to know if Randy Quaid had mentioned Weinstein lately and in fact he had on his Twitter.  So, I started digging a little deeper.

Actress Meryl Streep, a longtime friend and close associate to Harvey Weinstein has struggled with her words since the multitude of allegations have been levied against Harvey Weinstein.  Meryl Streep and Harvey Weinstein go back many years as longtime friends and associates.  Mr. Weinstein is also connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton, as he served as President Bill Clinton’s chief projectionist in the White House under Bill Clinton’s presidency.  He also helped pay Bill Clinton’s legal fees during the Monica Lewinsky scandal according to several reports.

Meryl Streep Harvey Weinstein
Meryl Streep Harvey Weinstein

Mr. Weinstein was and is a power-player in the Hollyweird establishment.  And by power-player, I mean this man was the man whose ring new actors and actresses had to kiss if they wanted their careers to go anywhere.  Harvey Weinstein has been accused of several sexual misconduct allegations.  He’s also a donor to Hillary Clinton as reported here and the Clinton Foundation as reported here.

Longtime friend and pal to both the Clintons, Mr. Weistein has put Hillary Clinton in the awkward position of having to give away the money he has donated to her.  Here are several photos of Hillary Clinton with her longtime associate Mr. Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein Clinton
Hillary Clinton with Harvey Weinstein

This isn’t the first time that Hillary Clinton herself has been associated with a now known sexual predator.  Of course, many people who have studied the Clintons know she has blamed the women who accused her husband of rape and sexual misconduct.  She has a long history of not only protecting these types of people (laughing when getting the child rapist off in Arkansas) but she runs in these circles of people.  Another sexual predator Hillary Clinton was close to was the husband of Huma Abedin, her chief staffer, Anthony Weiner.  Hillary Clinton has been helping manage that crisis for a long time.  So, most of us in America know and realize already that Hillary Clinton runs in some very shady circles where sexual predators also frequent.  This also includes her many trips on convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein’s “lolita express” airplane along with her husband.  Money, power, influence, and control are some of the leading factors within these circles of individuals and Hillary Clinton has long been associated with them.

Now, how does all of this tie into Randy Quaid’s claims that there are people in Hollywood, California out there star whacking?

Since the Weinstein allegations have broke several outlets have reported that Harvey Weinstein had paid people to intimidate and harass actresses who had or were planning to expose him.  As detailed in this article here:  Mr. Weinstein was hiring former Israeli Mossad agents to do his bidding.  This is what a power player does – hires former spies to harass and intimidate his witnesses.

But that’s not all…

In this New Yorker article, it clearly shows that Harvey Weinstein had “an army of spies” working for him.  What does an “army” do?  It defends whoever hired them.  How far did some of these ex-Israeli Mossad agents go?  And will the public every fully know?

Or is this going to be one of those stories that gets buried, swept under the rug, and quickly forgotten by the general public?

Randy Quaid isn’t the only person now, in late 2017, who has mentioned things like star whackers.  Actress Goldie Hawn has given a very rare interview and if you’re paying attention to what she says she mentions the “casting couch” and one incident with another Hollywood producer who had “pimps walking all around New York city” and other people working for him (much like Weinstein did) who would threaten and harass actresses “not to talk” about any alleged misconduct.

Pay close attention and watch Goldie Hawn talking about this here:

(This is not the full interview but covers what we’re discussing.)

Now, if Goldie Hawn who was 19 years old at the time, knew about “pimps walking all around New York” for Hollywood producer Al Capp, then this type of behavior has been going on a LONG TIME.

The following quote is from a 2013 article on Al Capp

In 1971, columnist Jack Anderson, based on the reporting of his young assistant Brit Hume, broke the news that Capp had made unwelcomed sexual advances to four female students at the University of Alabama, which campus officials hushed up.

Shortly afterward, Capp was charged with indecent exposure and sodomy after a visit to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He pleaded guilty to attempted adultery and paid a $500 fine. Schumacher and Kitchen write, “A career four decades in the making had taken a severe hit from which it would never recover.”

They also cite Hawn’s 2005 memoir, Goldie, about how as a young model she resisted Capp’s sexual advances, and James Spada’s 1987 biography of Grace Kelly, Grace, which quotes Kelly’s manager saying that Capp tried to rape Kelly.

You can read the entire Al Capp article here:

Another famous actor, Corey Feldman, has long talked about pedophilia being rampant in Hollywood.  Here is an old clip of Barbara Walters telling Feldman that he’s “ruining an entire industry” by his claims.  Again, just like with Randy Quaid going public, no one in Hollywood stood up for him either.  Listen as Barbara Walters insinuates Feldman is hurting the industry – instead of listening or validating his claims in any way.

Barbara Walters has long been in public life and has interviewed many famous people and power-players.  Wouldn’t Barbara Walters have known or heard these rumors prior to Corey Feldman’s story breaking?  And why would Barbara Walters react the way she did saying that “Feldman was hurting an entire industry” with his claims?  In my opinion, it seems like Walters was well-aware of this darker side to Hollywood.  And because she was well-aware (maybe even involved, who knows) she decides to shame the victim in this case, Corey Feldman, instead of validating his claims in any way, shape, or form.

Barbara Walters has interviewed Presidents and been a longtime player in the game.  Much like Today show host Matt Lauer, Barbara Walters has been a good slave to the establishment as her interview with Feldman above illustrates.  She has protected these people over the years, not asking the truly hardball questions.  Matt Lauer has also been on the receiving end of sexual harassment allegations.  And while investigating this star whacker connection I found the following video that seems to tie together things with Weinstein and Lauer very accurately as far as I can tell.  This video is well worth a watch.

If you watch the above video you’re going to come away with the understanding that yes, Matt Lauer was a media “insider” that was protected and initiated into the club.  Some people refer to the club as the illuminati.  You may refer to it as something different, but he definitely was a good slave to the establishment as the video illustrated.  The cross-dressing is a major factor that emasculates the men in the media.  They even had former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani cross dress for “charity” in this clip below.

So, what does all of this mean?

It appears to me that Randy Quaid and his wife have been trying to warn people since 2010 about these Hollywood kill teams (or star whackers).  I stand with Randy Quaid in his assessment because far too much information is out there that can be used to tie together not only these people, but who they were protected by (the bosses).

Since Donald Trump has taken office and Jeff Sessions became the new Attorney General, over 3500 pedophiles and human traffickers have been arrested in the USA.

They call it Pizzagate and it implicates dozens of high level Democrats, staffers, Hillary Clinton, and other power-players.  Trump signed this executive order to help stop human trafficking almost immediately after being sworn into the White House.  Read the full text here:

In my opinion, it doesn’t take much more evidence to show that Randy Quaid was probably correct.  We have had several celebrities die in the past few years under mysterious circumstances.  I will probably do an entirely separate post on those deaths.  But, to name a few, Chyna from WWE fame, the artist formerly known as Prince, Robin Williams, Heath Ledger, and several other silver screen and musical celebrities have all mysteriously met their fates.  Is it a well-connected killing machine of celebrity star-whackers?  Are these hits being carried out by the production companies because of contract violations or some other nefarious purpose?  Do these celebrities buck that club that Barbara Walters so quickly seems to want to protect (in the interview above with Corey Feldman)?

If any of you haven’t seen the Showtime show Ray Donovan, I suggest you watch the trailer.  Ray Donovan is about a Hollywood “clean up” man who goes around and cleans up the messes that celebrities make.  In my opinion, in real life, I am sure many celebrities have a person like Ray Donovan working for them.  Sometimes life imitates art and art imitates life.  Ray Donovan’s character could in fact also have to be a star whacker if the bosses say so.  It’s not implausible.  And with the onslaught of new misconduct allegations, sexual predators, and other insiders all being exposed as Trump drains the swamp, it’s more than likely PROBABLE (in my opinion) that Randy Quaid was the target of a hit, got away, and ran and was one of the first people to really expose this shadow network that operates inside the Hollywood empire.

I give Mr. Quaid credit.  He could have bowed down to the corporate slave masters and never told a soul what was happening to him, as I’m sure some celebrities who have already died met that same fate.  But Mr. Quaid spoke up and spoke out and now, almost 8 years later, in my opinion his story has been vindicated.  There’s no need for a producer like Harvey Weinstein to have ex Mossad agents working for him.

If you haven’t done so already, please read Randy Quaid’s open letter to Meryl Streep here:

If you agree with me that Mr. Quaid told the truth 8 years ago then share this link to inform others.

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