Is it over or has it just begun?

Big Tech Can Fuck Off

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Everything is about to change. After 11 years on Facebook, the Radical Leftists in Silicon Valley decided they were going to try to take me out for supporting President Donald John Trump in the 2020 election. They PERMANENTLY BANNED my account of 11 years for posting a photo of a Dr. Fauci quote from 2015 on HCQ that stated it was both a “cure and a treatment”.

#BigTech is out of bounds. The #FakeNews needs entirely disbanded. This is America and we have to fight the actual fascists which are the Radical Left. Help support me in my efforts by sharing this page with your friends and family.

This is Todd Doyle. I’m an American Patriot and I’m not going to let my country fall to communists. If you are receiving this message, share this message with others while we still can.

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