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Donald Trump’s administration has been teaching this country many things since he was elected. He’s taught us that both our “friends” and our enemies have been ripping off the American taxpayers for multiple DECADES due to FAILED or ENTIRELY CORRUPT leadership that’s been allowed to go on in D.C. unchecked.

His administration has warned us about the dangers of “open borders”, an idea pushed by “progressives” who claim ownership of words like “social justice” when there’s nothing just about their failed policies and bad ideas that they’d like to implement BY FORCE.

Progressives don’t just want power – they want to control and punish. They’re sadistic. They’re the opposite of freedom. They are the antithesis of liberty. Many of their ideas and belief systems, they don’t even know – are based on communist ideologies like Marxism and Bolshevism.

Let’s recap for a moment and you can share this if you want to. I am taking the time to write it and I hope many of you will see what I’m trying to illustrate.

Trump’s administration was doing everything in its power to put all Americans first. You have to accept that fact to accept the historic economic gains, historic unemployment numbers, historic employment numbers; all the good he was doing was for all of America – regardless of how the media has tried to convince you otherwise.

With the coronavirus, we’ve seen PROOF that open borders do not work. If the caravans of migrants weren’t enough, we’ve seen the power of the invisible enemies of this world, like viruses, and how unlawful migration can also include the transfer of another nation’s diseases along with their people.

We’ve seen how economically, the People of the United States had systematically become debt slaves to foreign nations through a multitude of international programs of assistance where the receiving country did us not one, single, solitary favor in return. The money they received was the American People’s money and they couldn’t care less.

We’ve discovered and learned that our People, the AMERICAN PEOPLE can be held hostage by other nations as China proved recently with threatening to withhold our medicines. Our medicines should have never been made outside of our country. Imagine if Donald Trump would not have closed the borders and flights in from China. Estimates are that 1.2-2.2 MILLION lives could have been lost. And also imagine, China would still have threatened to withhold medications??? Were they trying to kill us? You have to ask that question. The followup, based on the way this virus kills people, is they were targeting the elderly. Many older people like Donald Trump so one has to wonder, was China attacking his supporters?

Democrats across the USA have used this crisis as yet another opportunity to encroach upon our liberties. We can never sacrifice our liberties for TEMPORARY SECURITY. We cannot, as a People, give more power to Big Government and that includes the failures of all the governors who are encroaching on liberty. You should remember the famous quote, “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”

We’ve already been, as a People, unwilling debt slaves to foreign governments in foreign lands. And members of BOTH political parties made that happen. Donald Trump is undoing decades of bad deals for us – The People.

His administration has completely exposed that the corporate press is not the Free Press our Constitution enshrined and established. Infotainment journalism, or YELLOW JOURNALISM, has permeated the failing mainstream media for decades also. Because of that, we must, as a People, question all the things we’ve been told by this Establishment Media.

The Trump administration has exposed many more things than I’m going to write about today. But, I want to say this. It was corruption from the top down, in multiple administrations, like mafia families that all paid to play, that all made deals to benefit themselves and their special interest donors and financers. That was the way the system worked until Donald Trump, who spent his own money to run for President (as it should be – really – and it shouldn’t cost so much).

We, the American People, as Donald Trump has said don’t “worship government” we “worship God.”

But, another famous quote is, “All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men (and women) to do nothing.”

To those of you who read this who didn’t know corruption was running rampant for at least thirty years, I can’t blame you if you honestly didn’t know. For others, who rejected the facts and failed to be part of the real citizenry of this country, for those who are unpatriotic or maybe who hate this Nation, you sadly were part of the problem and not part of the solution.

I want to conclude with this… the word treason gets thrown around a lot. People know that the punishment for treason is death. But, and I feel this needs to be said… many people don’t understand or stop and think about why treason is punishable by death. Treason means that one of our citizens has worked against our Nation and her people. Treason means that someone worked to hurt this Nation and her people; to undermine our sovereignty as a whole. Someone convicted of treason has shown the greatest disgust for our AMERICAN traditions, our sovereignty, and our way of life. But most importantly, someone convicted of treason has spat on the graves of every soldier at Arlington Cemetery; every grave of every veteran who fought and died to protect our LIBERTY enshrined in our Constitution. Someone convicted of treason has spat in the proverbial face of every VETERAN who ever served this Nation and her people.

It’s important to understand and realize the above and the full extent of what it means. Someone convicted of treason spits on the heritage of ALL AMERICANS and our history (however imperfect some may conceive it to have been).

We, as a People, to help end the corruption in D.C. and in our State governments must become more active in exposing the frauds and also the successes of our day to day news items. The failed mainstream media has no interest in telling us the truth anymore. It’s fairly obvious, at least to me, they’re a well-funded arm of the Democrat Party. And who buys $52 million a year in ads from US media? China.

So, it’s up to us – the People – to not request but to DEMAND that our government start working for all of us again. We must root out all those who would rather see our country fall than see our President succeed (as he was succeeding) for all of us. It is in our own best interest to support Donald J. Trump moving forward as his policies have already proved that he really is working for the good of the American People.

Our Nation has many enemies both external and internal. It’s up to us, as a People, to determine who our internal enemies are. We know D.C. has been riddled with corruption for thirty years or more, and no one, not one person or administration – not one Justice Department, has held any of those truly corrupt, who we all know HAVE COMMITTED TREASON, accountable. We must demand that the lawlessness end. We must demand that anti-Americanism end. We must demand that traitors to our Nation be immediately put to death.

While that may sound harsh to some, we’ve seen that without a consequence for thirty years or more, these bands of criminals, who don’t have our good in mind, have only continued to flourish. We have to restore law. We have to restore order. And we cannot let our internal enemies win in their fight against our liberties.

We can never let them win for if we ever do, we will be failing the multitudes who came before us, who broke their backs to build the greatest nation on the face of the Earth. We would be failing every soldier who ever fought and died to protect our liberties. That can never be allowed to happen – not today, tomorrow, or 100 years from now – not ever.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. – Thomas Jefferson.

-Todd Aaron Doyle

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