Is Your Spouse, Partner, Friend, Co-Worker Or Even Your Boss A Narcissist?

Have you been a victim of Narcissistic Abuse? Do you want to heal and become a survivor? Are you always walking on eggshells and never feeling appreciated… no matter what you do?

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About The Author


Todd Doyle author of Healing the Shattered: Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

Todd Doyle was born and raised in Ohio. He is a father to one son. At 19 years of age, he began publishing his own newspaper for a short time called Open Minds: Searching for the Truth. He has always enjoyed reading, writing, and the act of publishing. He has always sought to live a life that revealed truth.

He’s studied politics. At times, he’s also been a political speaker. He’s been a radio show co-host. He’s worked construction, grocery-brokering, fast food, been self-employed, and even done some internet marketing throughout his life. He’s a jack of all trades and a master wordsmith at heart.

For years, he had laid aside his passion for writing. It took surviving the Narcissistic Abuse written about in Healing the Shattered: Surviving Narcissistic Abuse, for him to put his own life back in perspective and embrace his God-given gift. He has since returned to writing and publishing.

He has led a life truly blessed by those he has shared experiences with. He appreciates every person he’s come to know in his life. Surrounded by many wonderful friends, he’s thankful for all the moments and experiences he’s been able to share with others. He loves a great joke. He loves when someone can make him laugh and he loves to make others laugh.

He has a generally great disposition on life and seeks to live a life now where he can leave his own mark on the world.

So, watch out everyone… he’s up and coming in more ways than one!

He’s tried to live a life that’s made an authentic difference in the lives of others. He’s given much of his life, in the service of others, in a multitude of ways. Thank you for taking the time to consider his work.

He also enjoys writing great poetry. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even get to see some of his collection soon? Stay tuned