Final Broadcast After 26 Years of Truth-Telling

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I made the above video on January 27th, 2021 after coming to the realization how fraudulent almost all entire systems of mankind in fact, are. I determined we are living in an illusion that we, ourselves, did not create.

This utopia that’s like a matrix wrapped around our minds is all an illusion created by people who deny God. I call them Luciferians but you may refer to them as any other name.

Truth tellers in the world are now outcasts.

So, this is me, being an outcast.

I would rather separate and remove myself from man’s world and devote more of my time to God’s world as it is the only true and authentic thing.

The Luciferians would love for you to believe in their systems of illusions and discard God the Almighty Creator.

Instead, fight them. Be a teller of the truth and do not let the systems of illusions you’re surrounded by stop you from giving thanks to God.

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